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Suspended Honey

canvas sits empty
staring me down
bright reflection
daring to feel
so many colors
begging broad strokes
and intricate details
something to define
but caps stay on
bristles unmoved
lingering over
the masterpiece
one more day


It’s Thursday again which means…Jingle‘s Thursday Poets’ Rally!! I have really been enjoying the weekly challenge of this wonderful rally of poets. Last week I was again awarded for being a regular at the rally. It is my pleasure to pass the award along to Michele Spector at Art is My Religion. I love how she sometimes follows her poems with further insight. Be sure to visit her!

Tear to Cheek

flying in
over open sea
falling from sky
drifting out
infinite scape
spilling from spirit
no sense of time
just circumstance
on desert scape
tear to cheek


sometimes multitasking means
centering in on the moment
allowing yourself to enjoy it
while you are still feeling
aftershocks on your heart

i cry

i pride myself on playing it tough

i am strong in a crisis, i keep my head

i can bring calm to hysteria, i have before

i wear a thick emotional armour, i won’t be hurt

or maybe i am the only one fooled here, sitting alone

while a teardrop forms