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Itchy Heart

venom flying past my window
breeze keeping it aloft
seeking sunlight & warmth
broader view from inside
YOUR religion, MY god
MY party, YOUR politics
PC, not PC, name calling
what about respect?
what about kindness?
what about leadership?
fool hardy notion
once things were different
were they?
more than once we were a nation
were we?
now little empires
tiny, small
Itchy Heart


Sophia’s Fall



where has wisdom gone

she dyed her hair red

sauntered off in stiletto heels

proclaiming independence

from responsibility of self and tribe

no longer does she call aloud in the streets

raise a voice to be heard in public squares

a goddess once bathed in sage

searching out both dark and light

now doused with persimmon perfume

talking in riddles declaring autonomy

never once considering inheritance

leaving confusion to rule, bearing war

as only confusion can

Inventory of Inheritance (v2)

hidden in the closet with mislaid hopes, dreams

a four year old struggles to satiate her curiosity

how scary is an unknown with nothing to gauge

like peeking at presents, tearing a bit off the corner

hushed stories, unknown alternative twists, plots

claims that we did not want you, turned you away

but there were packages

with pretty ribbons


still wrapped beneath the tree

expectations that a peeked at corner could solve

a riddle, a mystery, tell her what was in the box

an empty box, so many hearts with spare rooms

childhood continued without you, without you here

there were only whispers of you written on dusty gifts

the door was slammed and locked from both sides

eventually, elder breath grew weary

slow, some even stopped

an inventory of inheritance began

we opened shades and doors

aired out broken liaisons  

began to gather pieces

sifting through skeletons

searching for shards

of our forefathers’ chalice

a cup once intended

for quenching communion

now leaving throats dry

while hugging a stranger

Undue Torment

reconciliation is neither in front nor behind us

we have settled into our prospective corners

yet my heart aches for the fear they breathe

relieved it is not the devastation I have known

remembering the dusty feel of inhaling the uncharted

relying on strangers to secure your child in your arms

wondering if you would ever again visit the mundane