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Kindle Posse

when different minds

gather for like goals

a flame is quickly lit

encouragement rampant

overtaking old myths

changing the landscape

weaving each other in

an amazing journey

so that none are left




anĀ angel once fell

into the arms of a child

was it on purpose


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Earthly Playground

silly sandbox games delight
building, destroying, building
learning to persevere
the slide calling out
to climb towards the sky
exhilarating plunge
followed by climb again
set a goal, ride a goal
set another
teeter totters teaching
balance like scales of justice
rough ride if the burden
isn’t spread out
swings teasing with a near
attainable flight
one push lending heaven
jump on quick
with speeds that create
a new level of force
hold on tight
sometimes life gets dizzy
causes stumbles
sit down and regroup
recess isn’t over