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Lessons in Joy

today a little boy spoke

a war ended, soldiers returned

mothers were crying

Can I have some juice, please?

tears splashed over her grin

they peeled off dusty clothes

new routines were developed

because of change

she watched to see if it was real

families reunited

heart touched, he began to sing

when the song reached my heart

joy was shared

**Autism, much like war, can make loved ones battle weary.  Every breakthrough is like bringing a mother’s child home.  When I heard about the recent accomplishments of my friend’s son that is diagnosed with autism, it made me think of a soldier on leave.  Long arduous time away from loved ones, culminating in the joy of reconnection.  This is life, this is joy, this is challenge, and reward.  As I begin a new year, let this remind me to celebrate victories and to appreciate the battles.  The payoff to the battle is coming home and learning joy again.  Our struggles may be different but let us share the joy that emanates from a love we all understand.

Yellow Umbrellas

how would things be
if seagulls were seen as glorious birds
dandelions were hearty flowers
city smells were worth capturing

how would things be
if sad memories didn’t stop us from full lives 
the living didn’t wear black to funerals
old men didn’t send young men to war

how would things be
if we all learned to dance when young
we all learned to sing when young
we all learned to play when young
and didn’t forget when we grew old