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she cloaked herself in scarlet
darker than a blush on cheek
left his scent on empty heart
drifting to a shadowed street 
not looking for salvation, but
respite from the lonely storm
they bellowed loud as thunder
claimed they’d no other harm
his promise was always empty
to others’ lives he did belong
wept herself to sleep at night
dreamt lovers wielding stones


Indigo Shadows

i come to you wrapped
in crimson speckled gauze
broken spirit my greatest gift
unable to discern the future
hearing only whispers of the
wistful spirits of ancestors
i choose you over crystal ball
standing at summer’s end watching
sunset usher in your indigo shadows
clinging to the wart of carnal vice
seeking easy distraction, shelley, stoker 
like trick or treat housing idle threat
but what of my autumn harvest
faithful fruit and divine offering
can i shed this costume and
return to eden