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it is easy to forget

that each day is new

dictionary always available

to define, refine

sometimes it’s a thesaurus

leading us slowly

to something different


today it is discovery

that old pieces can be recycled

joy has a memory

a shift can drop a piece in place

comforting in familiarity

yet casting a new shadow


sometimes you are most active

when you are still


Only’s Fate

i remember growing up as an only

was for just over eight long years

the other children were an oddity

lack of interest brought forth tears

all my toys i kept pristine, for them

brought out when they came to play

i believed they would enjoy them all

even so, they never chose to stay


adults in my life another mystery

so they taught me to read at four

kept feeding me books in my room

the quiet little girl behind some door

wealth of friends on my nightstand

but with whom could i play a game

too busy having grown up parties

most of them didn’t know my name


they tell me i am a grown up now

these silly worries are in my past

so i dive in to play with kids if i can

because they invite me at long last

adults stand by and stare at times

they think this a very strange trait

those that never sat on the sidelines

can see no reason for an only’s fate