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Maria ( /məˈraɪ.ə/)


here is ancestors’ voice

rising upon the air


welcome home


I am

love not lost

preserved in breath

the fill

the unheard

ponders answered



definitions fall

I am

not to heal

not broken

no path is straight

just forward

nothing destroyed

merely changing form

Hiking Mystic

repelling down a loose strand

of raggedy mountains

while stars spark

into ginger clouds

laughter screaming

down the chute

lean back, no forward

speed is the same

eagerness enhances

lean forward

inhale kicked up dust

for there we return

at the end of the strand


raggedy mountain

No Loss

i wondered if today was lost
to holiday laziness and fun
but then i remembered
laughter, wishes, debates
and hugs – leftovers of
home cooked meals
challenged health
being overcome
weather that took
my breath away
then handed it back
holiday news shared
new friendships forging
loved ones eager snoring
i had almost forgotten
each moment a simple gift
now convinced nothing is lost

Christmas Quiet

awoke at dream’s flight
something on my mind
perhaps, more correctly
something on my heart
a prophet, a man, God 
depicted in every color
so that all can relate
random date assigned 
birth time celebration
it is not about one day 
hope birthed anew
annual renewal reminds
ours is not to act as God 
we only extend invitation
the divine into humanity
Saviour in the recognition
of splendid common ground
awakening once more to belief

Ultrasound Day

it would be easy to label science a miracle

because it lets us peek at little hands & feet

buried in the warmth of their mama’s womb

toes tapping so fast you cannot count them

fingers clenched tightly shut as in defiance

but science does not explain the way it feels

to watch my sister smile at the cradled future

she watches on the screen as baby heartbeat

flickers across the screen, flutters in her belly

while i, a cautious onlooker, sit silent & in awe

glimpsing a grin she shares with her husband

let the planning for little one begin…

My Infinite God

i find God in all of my senses

the color that explodes across a branch canvas in the autumn sun

the idea that light bends to make me a personal palette of perception

the scent flowers’ bloom spreads across the mountain meadow of spring

the cilia of sensory neurons sending sweet messages to my brain

the sharp feel of winter’s breeze during a brisk morning walk

the natural release of endorphins while in the pangs of childbirth

the eruption of flavor inundating my tongue with summer’s fruit

the arrangement of 10,000 taste buds on the surface of my tongue

the echoes of canyons that scream out to crystalline skies

the vibrations of sound waves beating off the drums of my ears

the inclination that there is more beyond the microscope’s view

the certainty that we cannot reach the ends of the heavens

the amazement that my life has been graced by you

if you know my infinite God, please write where God is found

it is my wish to send up an offering of awareness and gratitude