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Maria ( /məˈraɪ.ə/)


here is ancestors’ voice

rising upon the air


welcome home


I am

love not lost

preserved in breath

the fill

the unheard

ponders answered



definitions fall

I am

not to heal

not broken

no path is straight

just forward

nothing destroyed

merely changing form

Indigo Shadows

i come to you wrapped
in crimson speckled gauze
broken spirit my greatest gift
unable to discern the future
hearing only whispers of the
wistful spirits of ancestors
i choose you over crystal ball
standing at summer’s end watching
sunset usher in your indigo shadows
clinging to the wart of carnal vice
seeking easy distraction, shelley, stoker 
like trick or treat housing idle threat
but what of my autumn harvest
faithful fruit and divine offering
can i shed this costume and
return to eden

A Bushel of Abuela


roasting chilies was

our autumn ceremony

she had us soak them first

because life can get you dirty

then each must be carefully pierced

because if you don’t give steam a path

you might overheat and then explode

next was the trip to the waiting fire outside

because blisters & burns don’t happen in a home

when all was done we brought the chilies to the kitchen

blistered skins were removed, for younger kids, the seeds

we broke bread because that is what families do together, then

we layered butter and the fresh chili then lightly seasoned with salt

we filled our bellies with the spicy food, the spicy company, each other






Hand of Leaves

hand of leaves




sometimes i keep notes on scrap papers

just like leaves that have fallen from trees

they are scattered about me at arms length


quotes, notes, inspirations raked up in a messy heap

meant to help me sit down and focus, to finally begin

but I find myself distracted, tossing ideas up to the air


the words keep painting brilliant pictures

lead me down a crisp young autumn lane

sitting here just smiling, at a loss again

In My Tent

moonlight leaks through window screens

while dancing limbs cast knowing shadows

morning is near and autumn is closing in