Monthly Archives: December 2009

Christmas Window

some storefront windows
have elegant displays
meant to entice you
place a tag on happiness

other scenes exist
their goal is comfort
for laughter to gather
to be warmed by the fire
fed by homemade meals
recipes for contentment
handed down the ages
remembered as unwrapping
each forgotten ornament


Birthing Poets

life is birthing poets
from uncanny places
carts with broken wheels
birds without a melody
dolls with teased hair
and missing clothes
paper castles set on fire
but with each word
they tighten a bolt
discover a new song
and comb things out
putting patches to holes
setting mortar to brick
to home and hearth
life is birthing poets

Gone Awry

I had some good intentions but they have gone awry… For those that don’t know, I’m working on consolidating my blog and my website. Unfortunately, this is going much slower than originally intended. I had been waiting to acknowledge some awards until my grand unveiling but given delays that will no longer do! ūüôā So, here we go….

A while back I was over at the lovely Luisa Doraz blog, Believe In Yourself , and she was having a wonderful contest about guessing what anniversary she was celebrating. Era, over at Today’s Thought, and yours truly guessed correctly that it was her silver anniversary. We were both awarded the beautiful flowers seen below. I have to admit that I feel like I cheated. I recognized her wedding dress as being very similar to my own. Congratulations again on 25 years of marriage Luisa, I know it comes from lots of love and hard work!

The next award I would like to acknowledge is the Best Blog Award. I actually have had the priviledge to be given this award by two of my wonderful blogging friends, Luisa Doraz at Believe In Yourself¬†and Tasneem¬†Rangoonwala at Laugh Hard!¬†In a time when life is a little stressful and uncertain, they both have brought the gift of laughter back into my life. I can’t thank them both enough for not only the award but the mission they are on to remind all of us to enjoy each day. What greater gift could there be? Please visit them for your own health and happiness!

As luck would have it, each of these awards allows me to pass along the honor to 15 of my other blogging friends. Of course the award immediately reflects back to the gifters but now everyone else on my blogroll can also enjoy and send the love along! This is for all of you!

Beyond My Window for heartfelt words that always ring true (be sure to check her other links)

Bliss Bait for incredible art and rainbow views on the world

Brainstew РImpressions Personafied for The Poetry Corner and connecting to others through poetry

Calliope’s Pen¬†for depth of her words and ability with an incredible variety of forms – great humor and friendship too

Courting Disaster for her own incredible poetry and the lovely finds of other poets and musicians

DarcKnyt for his wit, humor, and his ability to make us take fear head on (check his other links)

Dying Man’s Daily Journal¬†because he inspires me to live

Sheeluvlee for the raw emotion she is willing to share Рyou are a brave woman of strength

J. Ruth Kelly¬†for philosophy and insight…and feeling like home

Jamie Spencer for edgy insights and love of the open road

Jpenstroke’s Blog¬†because memoirs never felt so personal before I found you

L. K. Thayer’s Poetry Juice Bar¬†will squeeze you and then line up other tremendous wordsmiths and artists to do the same

Outlandos¬†d’Amour¬†because it will make him crazy to have to tell me he won’t post the award and his writing makes me melt

Paul Wylie’s Blog¬†for his wonderful observations shared through poetry

Poetical Ness¬†for unearthing the poet within…we are blessed

Purple’s Platitudes¬†for sharing your words, your thoughts, and your heart with us and for taking on complex forms and approaches

Randall Dean Scott for choosing poetry as your lifeline and reminding us that we can too

Sam I Am (not) for sharing her thoughts on love and relationships Рwhat an open heart

Shadowplay for holding our hand while we venture down a path of light and darkness РI love the thoughts you spark

Signposts On The Way for wonderful digital art, thoughtful reminders on how to live, and posts of his philosophies on life

Soul Dose for her strength, her honesty, and letting us join in her journey Рthe humor too

Summer Rain for her posts on love Рlove of her child, her self, and others Рheart warming

The “Ness” in Darcness ūüėȬ†first for the fun look at marriage and family life, a love of kittehs, and overall fun posts (check her other links too)

The Dark Lord’s Blog¬†has some poetry you don’t want to miss – somehow it never reminds me of the dark

The Self Love Project is always a busy place Рposts from special causes, to poetry, to personal journal, to the next great surprise

This Human’s Condition¬†is another place I visit for humor and a observations on pop culture

Today’s Thought¬†is a journal blog with observations, recommendations, insights and fun

Utopian Fragments incredible poetry to broaden my views and make me think

Whispers of Conciousness a poet, artist, and photographer giving us a glimpse

Whizbangwoman has poetry, personal journal, even book and movie recommendations for all

All of you deserve so much more than just this award. Your willingness to put yourselves out into the public arena and share of your self is a daily inspiration. Know that I am always eager to read your words and have incredible respect for each of you. Blessings to you this holiday season and always ~ Jaymie

Muse Wrangling

the fence broke while
errands played havoc
on restless deliberation
returning to silent mind
resting tired body to heal
watching words bounding
jumping, freely in the fields
grazing in others’ gardens
brushing off tired thoughts
grabbing lariat of longing
weary, back in the saddle
i head out, in search of her

Another December

i flipped the page
crisp sound like morning
smell like a new book or coffee
glanced over empty spaces
thinking leisurely over plans
inventory of what to write in
holidays, birthdays, anniversaries
luncheons, parties, and surgery
i grasp the page again, feel the thinness
amazed that something so easily torn
can hold so many memories, plans
seemingly powerless as it counts
or does it force days forward
common, like a lesion, nondescript
until they tell you, it is a tumor
larger than you want in a brain
my nephew’s name looks so small
when i write it on the huge date
before filling in the other
empty spaces