An Invitation

I recently was extended an invitation by L.K. Thayer to be a guest squeeze over at her Poetry Juice Bar.  If ever a place was filled with creative juices, this is it. Be sure to stop by and check out the inspiring photos by V.C. Ferry, incredible poetry and lyrics by L.K. Thayer, and the guest squeeze spots by visiting poets. You won’t be disappointed. I was really nervous about writing a poem for someone else’s blog – so that’s what I wrote about. Let me know what you think.


i felt a deep panic, like before an academic test
or waking from a dream of being naked in a crowd
that it was silly didn’t calm me, uneasiness remained
distractions with a purpose, this could be the solution

out came a very old file, papers dingy and faded
i began to read, line by line, faster then, page by page
sentimental words of youth, deeply colored clichés
the pee-chee folder was supposed to lend authenticity
serious words don’t belong in flowery notebooks
somehow sporty figures on fields of orange fell short

then i noticed it, up in the corner, looking bold
first initial, last name, was it in times new roman?
onion skinned paper as transparent as the attempts
i looked you up, in a sphere unknown to us then
the about you told me more than i could have guessed
there it was “poetry was a quick road to starvation”
somehow the print more credible, script faded, flimsy
empty praises for rigid writing, clandestine coffee hours

i know now that all the paper held was desire, no skill
passionate youth, misguided by youthful instructors
with curls that fell over banal brown eyes of seduction
arms that reached from behind to jot notes on my paper
begging me, let go, let loose, be free, show me all of you
a young girl, naive, fresh, too lacking in experience for poetry

now i rehash trite thoughts that led me to yellowing paper
letting youthful trepidation fall from shoulders like a red dress
daring myself to believe that words might feed our unclad souls
on slow roads captivating men with dark hair will never travel


22 responses to “An Invitation

  • DarcsFalcon

    Oh man. Does that ever bring back memories! All the poems I wrote in my youth, the dark haired men, the longing. Well done, my friend, well done. You captured that essence beautifully. 🙂

    • Jaymie

      It didn’t even seem like things written by the same person. What did stick out were some odd word choices from that time that have shown up in my recent writing. Like an eerie halloween surprise! 🙂

  • Doraz

    The words that flow from your heart to your pen are very enlightening and always seem to find a place in the hearts of those who are fortunate to have read your thoughts.Thank you and congrats to you! 🙂

  • Jaymie

    You are so kind…and a wonderful teacher lighting a path to joy.

  • summerrain63

    Congratulations to you…made me smile…slow roads traveled over time always eventually bring you to the place you need to be…your words to me reminded me of the look back at that road…how very far you have come..being where you need to be today…you should be proud..

  • blissbait

    never, please never
    wonder if your words belong
    your truth so raw sings

    Wow. I am SOOOOOO happy You’re getting ‘squeezed’ over at Lisa’s and that You two are becoming aquainted! Both of You are amazing. And I was absolutely stunned that You would be nervous to send Your words anywhere. You’re WONDERFUL!!!! Your words seriously reach down and yank out my heart SO often. Always, always You touch my heart. I’ve visited LOTS of poets blogs and simply don’t comment or return when I’m not touched. Your first poem pirated me! Please know You give such glorious gifts witht the pictures You paint…

    and by the way, this:

    ‘now i rehash trite thoughts that led me to yellowing paper
    letting youthful trepidation fall from shoulders like a red dress
    daring myself to believe that words might feed our unclad souls
    on slow roads captivating men with dark hair will never travel’

    bit of gorgeousness knocked my socks so far off I’ll probably never see them again!

    Cheers and Namaste. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Jaymie

    You are so funny. You make me smile even when I don’t want to, lol. Now go put a new pair of socks on.

  • steve

    As always, you never cease to amaze me Jaymie! Simply delightful.
    I hope you and yours have a great weekend! 😉

  • jpenstroke

    I like so much about this – the sense of trepidation that deepeens the suspense has me as a reader leaning in to learn of that young girl and her moves. Found the sense of fear of the naked dream brought to fruition as the poem concludes, resolves, expands into today. You did the poet justice here, my firend.

  • shraddha

    firstly congratulations!!

    great choice of poem!!1 hope you had great party with your nephews and neice

    • Jaymie

      Was a wonderful time. It’s after midnight and we just returned. No post for Friday, oh well! I ended up dressing as Max from Where the Wild Things Are…..let the wild rumpus begin! I hope you are having a fun weekend with the girls!

  • purple

    1) well-written and evocative
    2) grabs at something universally recognizable, one of your obvious gifts, drawing people in to your words and your experience
    3) this line:
    “a young girl, naive, fresh, to lacking in experience for poetry” (editor in me is compelled to offer this correction … “to” should be “too”)

    Congrats too Jaymie, can’t think of anyone more deserving to be “squeezed” and showcased!!

  • The Dark Lord

    OMG.. Bravo to you for coming up with such an awesome piece.. Your words flow like natures’ own gushing stream… They are so beautiful, vividly descriptive.. you create art, of the finest quality… this is truly inspirational! TY!

  • Belle

    Oh, lovely… you have nothing to fear, but I suspect you know that deep down. You truly belong with the best out there… soon I expect to see your blog title change to Jaymie Thorne’s Kick Ass Poetry.

    …with a publishing deal soon to follow!

    • Jaymie

      We’ll see. I gave her the option of something different and haven’t heard back yet. It is a fairly intimidating group over there. Wonderful work, I hope you check them out.

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