Scrap Paper

it was the strangest comment

i completely heard from you

in a very long time

“i love to watch you write”

but it was only a list

not one of the heartfelt outpourings

laid out public and available at your leisure

a recipe, your recipe

well, your list of ingredients

because everything is to taste

you taught me that

and it makes me wonder

is it that my script looks

a little,  like yours

that my numerals come out the same

in a ledger one would be hard pressed to guess

again, you taught me that

think girl, you can see, there is a pattern

what do you know

where is truth

where is your truth

don’t wait for someone to tell you

find it, look from all sides, then decide

weren’t you the one that taught me that

so i look, think, research, and consider

so many things that it hurts

some days my head throbs and

my heart swells, becoming overwhelmed

because i am certain it was, it is

an important lesson that 

might make or break me

you love me, right

or you wouldn’t have taught me this

how can one grow so confused

from paying attention

i think we might be somewhat the same

the question is, which one of us

are you rejecting

or am i really just

scribbling notes on your scrap paper


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