he landed here through parental education

their exchange experience of us and them

language no barrier with others education

we watched him, we watched them, curious

how are they different, how are they the same

still a child, we expected him to be universal

a vegetarian, he told us of KFC under his bed

asked for another burger with the works

his eyes always sparkled like a younger child

like things were new and exciting, not known

surrounded by privileged cynicism, he smiled

the grin of wisdom, knowing, appreciation

a juxtaposition that stretched our understanding

he began to teach himself guitar, wanting the

music to sit tangible in his hands while

singing to release wisdom from his soul

he wrote and sang “45 cents in a stranger’s cup”

and filled my heart to the brim with desire

to be less selfish, to stop and look around me

I played it in loop like I was 12 years old again

he sang of hope and dedicated it to the Eeyores

not angry, just eager to offer another option

we reached the time for their return journey

to Israel, a land I don’t know, to bombings

military training, uncertainty, and old conflicts

I asked him, are you scared, what will you do

he smiled, I’ll go home, I’ll listen to the radio

to know which bus probably won’t blow up

and join in due diligence to protect our beliefs

sometimes happily reflecting that people

I have grown to love here, you just don’t know

you are blessed with ignorance of your bounty

then I realized how my prosperity had grown


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