Sunday Mall

buskers gathering the herd

to watch in amazement

other ways life can be lived

hand to mouth, hat to ground

peddling talents

to weekend intermission

paid in oohs and ahhs

and coins to spare

I wonder

who is the impoverished one?


8 responses to “Sunday Mall

  • calliopespen

    “hand to moouth, hat to ground”–great, great line.

    Yes, who is the impoverished one? Those standing there, or the person who controls his/her day by sharing a visible talent–and then has a poem written about it. Hmmm.
    Reminds me of a poem called “The Street Poet” by Utopian Fragments (on my blogroll). If you haven’t been to D’s blog, I recommend you visit. He is one of the most sincere poets I’ve ever met.

  • calliopespen

    Actually–moouth isn’t so great, is it? Damn typos!

  • DarcKnyt

    Do you think people will throw coins in a hat if a fat guy just sort of stands on the corner and jiggles and grouses?

    Those are my only talents.

    My ex-wife was a musician, and she’s actually spent her day a time or two sitting with an open guitar case on a street corner (you need a license for this here from the city) singing, and having people throw money at her. Overall, I guess the street performer can be happier than most think.

    Nicely expressed.

    • Jaymie

      I think there are already a couple of grousers, maybe if you move a block up? I’ve seen that you have talent, I’m just not sure how to deliver it on a corner. If you figure it out, let me know!

  • The Dark Lord

    The poem is humbling.. A glorious verse which makes us contemplate.. about the true “richness” of living, and the actual essence of “impoverished”.. as opposed to the conventional outlook…

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