Lunch Lady

Why so bitter?

I keep the line moving

it passes me by

they are all nourished

but I am hungry

for equality


or just to be noticed

maybe it is the hairnet

let my hair down

plates sit uncleared

follow them to the playground

but I am still me

and they are still them

no longer the cool kid

just the lunch lady

with all the responsibility


14 responses to “Lunch Lady

  • Pierre

    Hungry for recognition as a unique individual unlike any other. Having, first and foremost, recognized yourself as such, you already are a unique individual.
    When equality is an analogy with sameness, equality is another form of autocracy. For our efforts we want to be compensated, for our efforts we want to be recognized, our efforts make us who we are.

  • Jaymie

    And sometimes I wish I could abandon my uniqueness and just laugh on the playground. But then again, it wouldn’t be me, would it?

  • Pierre

    One does not “become” unique, one already “is” unique. It’s a matter of awareness. It is unjust to have us forfeit our uniqueness in order to fit or feel accepted.

  • Charles

    If it were me I would probably ditch the hairnet and go play with the kids. I love spending time with children, its like being a child again. And all the troubles just seem to go away. I like the way you did this, now i have to think back when I was in school and put myself in the lunch lady’s place and it makes me wonder what they were really thinking as we were going through the cafeteria. Of course that was a long time ago, things were different then. Lunch ladies didn’t have to wear Kevlar aprons. and you didn’t have to go through a metal detector when you went through the lunch line.

    • Jaymie

      There are still plenty of children running around in adult bodies. Funny I wasn’t really thinking that much about school lunch ladies when I wrote this one. I definetly wasn’t thinking about Kevlar and metal detectors, lol.

  • The Dark Lord

    Hey, thanks for the visit to my blog earlier.. the feeling is mutual.. read some of your poems … Love your writing!
    I’ve added you to my blogroll too! The pleasure is all mine…

  • Jaymie

    Thank you for stopping by – I’m not sure how I made it to your blog, very glad I did. Keep the ink flowing…


  • calliopespen

    I am the lunch lady…sigh….
    I think most mothers could relate to this.

  • Paul

    Oh, the lunch lady cruelty brought forth. Within my earlier education, I remember the only thing said by the lunch lady I encountered was “Move along, you’re holding up the line!” as I tried to decide what cafeteria delicacy I wanted to partake of. 😉

  • Paul

    Yea, I was always causing trouble as a kid. I think “The Lunch Lady” knew I was a problem she preferred not to have. Oh my gosh, the cruelty was me!!! 8)

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