Quick Update

Next week I am going on a little in-state adventure.  I’ve tried to pick lodgings that include wireless but wanted to post a just in case….  Just in case wireless is really dial-up, just in case I am having too much fun, just in case that hike leaves me completely exhausted…it doesn’t mean I am not writing, only that I might not be able to post daily.  Hopefully wireless will be wonderful and I might even have some fun photos to add.  David, if you are checking in, this is mostly for you!


5 responses to “Quick Update

  • calliopespen

    Thanks for the heads up! I hope you have a blast. Is this something you do every year?

  • Jaymie

    D –

    We are headed to Lake City and Ouray here in Colorado. Ouray is the most beautiful place I have ever been. We’ve had lots of late rain this spring so I am hoping to post some amazing pics. Lake City is supposed to be a small town with a large number of various artisans. I am really excited to check it out, we haven’t been there before. We try to camp or do some in-state trips each year. Kind of breaks up the time between explorations outside of Colorado. Cross your fingers that the wireless works! Have an amazing weekend!!


  • calliopespen

    Oh that’s exciting! I love little towns with lots of artisans! Hope to see some pictures! Have a great time!

  • visionsofsomething

    Have fun!!!

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